It’s all about the base

One of the very best ways to make your outfits look great, is to have the right base …. yeah, I’m talking about underwear. Outfits can be lifted to the next level if you have smoother lines, the right support and minimise unnecessary bumps.

I’m a huge fan of nude coloured lingerie and wear it 70% of the time. I mix it up with black or white and then occasionally throw in the a little colour when I want to show it off. I love a little sneaky piece of lace or colour, done in a subtle way.

When my friend offered to come by my office in my lunch break and show me her latest Intimo pieces, I couldn’t resist. It was way too convenient, we got to have a laugh and I got to shop. It was the perfect way to spend my lunch break. She has the ability to look at your chest and know your size immediately. I felt pretty darn smart that I was wearing the correct size already.


Twenty minutes later and after trying on a few absolutely gorgeous pieces, I decided on a nude set. No surprise there, but after it arrived in the mail and I’ve given it a proper workout, I’m pretty freakin’ thrilled with the set.

Honestly, if you’re in Brisbane, give Carys a call on 0416 776 075, I know she’d love to check out your boobs and set you up too :)

Plus, she’s kindly offered to give Redcliffe Style readers free shipping on purchases, just use the code RACHEL.



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