Left or right side part?

Once I had a stunning Drag Queen as my hairdresser. She was amazing! She had the best hair, perfect makeup, she smelt delicious and was immaculately dressed. I wanted to be her when I grew up.

Anyway, over the course of the morning, after hours of small talk, girly confessions and serious hair conversations she announced that I should never, ever part my hair on the right ever again. It was best to cover the bad side of my face and let the better side shine.

Left or right side part?

I took it to heart at the time and spent years training my hair to sit in a way it didn’t want too. Eventually, my hair took on a life of it’s own and fell back to wherever it wanted to.

After perusing my photo collection, I wish I paid more attention to her wise, wise words. I think she may have been right and one side is better than the other.

Left Part


Right Part


It’s amazing the difference a part can make.

Do you change you part often or stick with the same side?




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  1. You are too funny Rachel! Love the lippy on teeth shot!

  2. I changed. I really did. After a makeup artist/teacher/blahblah whatever her title is, told me where my “higher side” was. So yes, I changed my parting and honestly? Yes, made a difference.

  3. I have wrestled it to the right hand side…dried it from wet to dry…and it just fights me all the way. I am figuring any (if any) advantages are not worth the angst.

  4. Haha, you crack me up, parting your hair on the left side is soo much more sophisticated 😉
    I always parted my hair on one side because of my cow-lick until the hairdresser I had for my wedding said its actually better to go over it rather than with it so i changed sides and have had it that way ever since. I think you hair just gets trained whichever way you do it and its super hard to change!

  5. lol! love the pics! Your hairdresser is right, changing your part changes your face. One side of your face is lower than the other, and your part should always be on that side so your hair goes up and over to the higher side. It visually levels out your face. It’s weird but it’s true.

  6. Who would have thought. Had I known that parting my hair would have squashed my bogan side, I could have really avoided those rum and cokes in my teen years…. and the lipstick on teeth! the horror!

  7. Hilarious!

    I need to find out my ‘right’ side!

    And I love that your tree is up already. Are we totally allowed to do that?

  8. I like right side part Rach – she looks like fun x

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You crack me up Rachel silly billy ,but I agree I love your hair parted on the left ,I also favour the left side as it looks better and that is where my hair parts naturally!

  10. yes you are so right!!!!!!!!!! I had such a bit laugh out loud over these pics!!!!!!
    apparently for years I was parting it on the wrong side but that’s the side that gives it a bit of body, other side is too flat! so apparently left part is the way I should have it but I prefer to flick it over to the left side for a bit of body…so there you go!

    have to share this!

  11. Huh. I should change my part. It currently coverss the better side of my face.

  12. I always used to have a right part which looked awesome, but then when I had the aneurysm and had a long scar in my hairline I had to switch. It doesn’t look as good and the scar is barely noticeable, but I’m used to it now! Kx

  13. The photo’s are a hoot.
    I have never paid much attention, the part falls where it wants to and I am OK with that. Well I was, now I want to see the Drag Queen and get her advice!

  14. I’ve been having the same parting for years hahaha. But anyway, I think you look gorgeous on both sides!! Love the way you do your eyes by the way. They really pop! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  15. I agree, I most definitely have a better side, my nose looks massive if you catch me on my bad one!
    They do say that classically beautiful people have very symmetric faces – looks like I’m unlucky!

  16. I am a Left Side Part girl. Always have been, always will be. I look ridiculous with a middle part and a right side part does me no favours. If you’re on to a winner – stick with it!

  17. There’s a lower side to my face? Off to the bathroom to investigate. Maybe I’m not a redneck – it’s just my hairdo!

  18. I have a stubborn middle part, but I am totally going to try and train it to move to the left or right, I can’t decide. I LOVE your sense of humour xxx

  19. I have never thought about my part, I usually flick my part to my right side-not sure that I have a better side?!! No one has ever told me which side is better. Anyway, love your pics and am glad you can open beer bottles with your teeth too!!

  20. Haha, love it! I have a middle part, so I guess I’m a little refined and a little bogan.

  21. I went to the hairdresser last week, and happily read my magazine. I looked up to see that she had given me a fringe! Luckily I like it, but still, quite a shock!

  22. It’s a left part for me all the way. Love your pics. You always get a smile out of me Rach. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  23. I’ve been experimenting with my part lately. I do think straight down the middle for me is aging and when I’m two or three weeks in with 90% grey regrowth a zigzag part any way to hide the regrowth works best.

  24. I love a bit of a part change. My hairdresser told me that I part to the boy side. Apparently there are not many ladies who part my way. Haha. I like to switch it to the other side to get a bit of volume but I always end up back on my original side. We cover the big issued don’t we? Bron