My Cost-per-wear rule

In early 1990, I purchased my first Country Road suit (navy) and gold Ray-Ban Signet sunglasses on the same day. I knew these would look very LA Law with my Oroton faux pearl necklace as I headed to the office and I would be able to wear them for the rest of my life. A classic suit never goes out of style and who wouldn’t want to wear heavy, gold sunglasses every day. This was the first time I used the cost-per-wear rule (CPW). It turned out that besides the fact that I looked terrible in navy, the suit did in fact go out of style and the glasses were worn daily until I couldn’t bear the headaches and deep grooves the ridiculously heavy glasses left on each side of my nose. I have made a hundred more mistakes and miscalculated the CPW many times but I am much, much wiser now. There are a few item that receive an automatic CPW pass, they are:

  • Amazing jeans that magically make my butt look awesome;
  • Unusual but beautiful belts, scarf or other accessories (to distract the eyes if the jeans are in the wash);
  • Good running shoes;
  • Technology equipment.

I also have the ability to convince myself that any shoe I really love falls within the boundaries too. I have no problem dragging those delicious, ridiculous, heeled, towers of sexiness out everyday of the week if necessary.

If there is a person on the planet unaware of the Cost-per-wear rule, here is my breakdown of it;
A pair of heels cost $290 and you wear them once. CPW = $290
Wear them once a week (even for half an hour) for one year. CPW = $5.576 (or $2.788 each) 
Continue wearing them for another two years. CPW = $1.858 (or $0.929 each, which is as good as free)

I am currently doing an end of year review of my shoe wardrobe and have found a number of pairs that are struggling to achieve CPW. I am heading out for cocktails at Mon Komo in Redcliffe tonight I have decided that these babies are getting an outing.


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  1. I LIVE by the CPW rule~

    Though, it allows for me to create all sorts of funny math in my head. Also known as, EXCUSES.


    Nice blog :)

  2. Hi House of Hemingway, The CPW rule is excellent, I think my husband would call it excuses too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Rachel xx