My Lip product addiction

I usually carry a big handbag. It was getting a wee bit heaving and so I decided to clean it out.

I discovered a ridiculous amount of lip products.

My Lip product addiction

2 x Lipsticks
One is my absolute favourite Issada Lipstick crayon in Pirate and the other is a Youngblood lipstick that snapped off the first time I used it. I get angry looking at it. I’m going to move on, throw it out and release my anger.

4 x Lipglosses
I love lip glosses because they won’t melt in the heat and I don’t need a mirror to reapply. Two of these glosses I really dislike but they cost a bit so I force myself to wear them. Then when I catch a glimpse of my myself in a mirror, flinch and wipe it off. I will donate these two to my daughters play kits.

7 x Lipbalm
This is a little extreme. I wear lip balm a lot, so I guess I wasn’t surprised to find a few tubes but SEVEN! I will remove at least 5 and spread them around the house, so I will always have lip balm at arms reach.

My Lip product addiction

Be honest, how many lip products are living in your handbag at the moment?


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  1. I thought I was bad with 3 lip glosses and 4 lipsticks. In my defense, I haven’t found the right lip colour and tend to blend mine which looks great when you’ve got the time at home to do it properly but you have the potential to look like a clown re-doing the look on the run.

    Event season, I’m swapping bags twice a day but I’ve been in hibernation mode the last few months and using the one bag. I’m dreading what I might find in it. Time for a clean out.

  2. I have two Clinique chubby sticks, a lip balm. That is it. No lipstick though. That will change soon though. V x

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I have 5 lipsticks and 2 lip liners and one gloss but I am throwing one out and the lippys are different colours though mostly shades of pink and one orange!

  4. I’m too scared to count how many are floating around the bottom of my handbag! I probably have a minimum of 4 lip balms and three or so lipsticks plus some lipgloss.

  5. you make me laugh Rachel!
    love a lippy recently changed bags 4 in one two already in the other and 1 lip gloss!
    1 million at home though! I’m trying to stop the poisons now and need to chuck some out! …
    security blanket I think! … lol m:)X

  6. You are the reason I carry mints around!!!

  7. I just changed to a new handbag, so at the moment I only have 2 pink lipsticks and an organic paw paw lip balm. Give me time (ie: a week) and there will most likely be 7 pink lipsticks, 3 coral lipsticks, 2 lip balms and goodness knows what else!

  8. My problem is that I rotate using four handbags and each handbag gas a stash of lipsticks, lip balms and purse sized perfumes in them.