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I met up with a good friend recently and she was looking amazing. Well, she already look great, but she had taken it to another level.  I needed to get on that band wagon and I needed to do it now! What was her little secret? Botox? Nightingale droppings? caviar facials? I could have sat there silently imagining all sort of weird things but decided to ask her outright.

She gave up the secret pretty quickly, she had start using some new skin care products and she was raving about them and, as she looked across the table at my sallow complexion, dark haggard eyes and permanent frown, she strongly recommended I give them a go. SOLD!!

This is my self portrait of what she must have seen across the table.
I still gave myself Lash me extensions.

She was using a Norwex skin care range. I will admit it, I was a little surprised. I love Norwex cleaning products and the whole “love the environment and reducing chemicals” spiel. I mainly love them for cutting my cleaning time in half, but the fact I am looking after the environment as well makes me feel all warm and gooey too.

I got onto my supplier and ordered some Naturally Timeless to be delivered STAT! Actually, that’s not true, my friend was kind enough to share a little of hers with me. What is interesting is that they don’t use a cleanser or toner but a face cloth but I climbed down from the product high horse I had made for myself and tried it. I can tell you that I love that cloth, I mean, really love it. The cloth cleans the skin without using harsh chemicals or alcohol. This cloth is so soft that I need a few more, so I can use them all over my body. That’s how much I love it.

Then I used the Naturally Timeless Face Serum.  Just a pump (or two) and you pat it all over. My face sucked it up immediately and begged for more. It felt so nice. Then the Naturally Timeless day cream goes on top. This cream seems thicker that what I would normally use, but I only needed a small amount. I was worried that I would feel heavy and greasy, but I shouldn’t have worried. I have been using the products for over a week and I think my skin is looking great. I do miss toner a little bit, but I can see that it it isn’t necessary with these products. I’m dying to try the night cream, I am sure it will be equally lovely.

Local supplier
Sandra Russell

Like her on facebook and visit her website for complete product information.

Improving the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning and personal products.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hehe, that made me laugh. i think I need to get some of that too stat! Keep up the great posts. BevB

  2. Are you drawing from memory or imagination 😉

  3. Hi BevB, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting. Rachel xx

    Hello Belinda, LOL good questions. I think it was affected by how how I was feeling on the inside. I am feeling slightly more youthful today. Thanks for your comment. Rachel xx

  4. Hello Ms Red, Funny enough I bought these at a party recently. I don’t have the cloth but I like the creams xo

  5. Hello Anonymous, Aren’t they great! Next time you are at a party you should have a look at the cloth. Thanks for commenting. Rachel x