Peep Toe Boots

It recently came to my attention that Peep Toe boots are polarising. I must admit I was shock to realise that not everyone loves them as much as I do. Really!


I completely understand the need to rug up with boots and socks on chilly days.

But what about the in-between days, the days when you want to sex it up a little with a smidge of sexy, varnished, tootsies peeking out…. the days when the sun comes out and you kinda wished you hadn’t rugged up quite so much. What about the nights when you go out to dinner and you only have a brief moment skipping along a foggy pavement before slipping into a warm restaurant.

Go the Peep toes!

How do you feel about Peep toe boots? 

The post was completely inspired by this post by Ms Mystery Case :)

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  1. Ok I can see the merit and you definitely know how to rock the peep toes but I just end up looking wrong with my feet frozen.

    Now I need you to explain the shredded jeans trend!

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for popping into my blog! It’s great to connect with another Aussie blogger:) Love your style and I love open toe or peep toe booties. They make my heart sing. I actually wore a pair all through summer…I did chose my days tho and they were great on office days with air con.

  3. I have several pairs and love them. I smash the fashion rules though and wear them with coloured opaques. Oh the horror!

  4. TBH I don’t get it – are you a peep toe or a boot? Make up your mind! 😉 In saying that, I almost bought a pair of tan ones from Target….I might be converting

  5. I LOVE them. I have yet to buy a pair but I think they’re fabulous!!


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