Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal system review

There is nothing I love more than a little in-salon pampering and maintenance. I would happily spend the day week inside a salon getting the works done. But this is not always possible. Time, money and life all get in the way of my pampering and maintenance fun.

I have been playing with a few awesome at home treatments and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. You are going to love this one.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal system review

The Philips Lumea Comfort is an at home hair removal system thatĀ applies gentle pulses of light to the hair root. This inhibits hair regrowth and repeating regularly, your hair grows in sparser and finer.

I have never had IPL treatments in a salon but I have heard amazing things and I was aware that it should work well on my skin and hair colour.

This was so easy to use that I was worried I was doing it wrong. The ‘On’ button also has the levels on it. I checked the best level for my skin and hair and went straight up to level 4. You can hold the big button down, it will scan and flash, then you slowly move it up, stop and wait for the next flash. If it doesn’t flash, then it can’t see a contrast between your hair and skin. I will warn you, the flash is bright!

I used it the first time a week ago, I attacked my legs, armpits and my bikini line. There was no pain at all. Either I am super human, or it doesn’t hurt. I’m looking forward to sharing the long term results.

The Philips Lumea Comfort is available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and selected authorised dealers and has an RRP of $549.95.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal system review and giveaway RRP $549.95

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal system giveaway!!RRP $549.95

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Now it’s your turn to add this device to your at-home treatments and be zapping the furry Winter legs in time for Summer.

FYI: The Philips Lumea Comfort works effectively on dark blonde, brown and black hairs but it’s NOT effective on red, light-blonde or white/grey hair

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  1. Erin Banks says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Just would like to say that you are amazing, I am only 25 and follow your blog everyday.
    You are such an inspiration for not only 40+ women but for young women too.

    I would love the chance to win this product as I am also a busy working women and defiantly do not have the time to be pampered on a regular basis. So I think that this would be a great at home regime that I would defiantly do.

    Love Erin xx

  2. I had a photoshoot and forgot to shave my legs the day before.They were unbelievably hairy Winter legs. Mortified! I looked like Sasquatch! My hair grows so quick I can’t keep up. I need this in my life to avoid future mishaps.

  3. Leanne Murch says:

    Oh to not have to shave legs, underarms, bikini line anymore – one can only dream!!

  4. Being single for years and years. I got a little lapse on the hair removal. I have never actually done my armpits. (just not very hairy only a half dozen or so fine hairs). But the legs and bikini line need love. Unfortunately the fist time I was intimate with Justin, the yetti from the waist down made me stop the experience for another time.

  5. Yvonne Duke says:

    It would be great not to have to shave all the time ! Fabulous !

  6. During winter I’m normally ‘natural’ as most of me is covered and don’t feel the need to shave. I went to have a massage for a sore shoulder and stripped down to my singlet. The masseuse was massaging away when he lifted up my arm to expose my hairy armpit! Much to my embarrassment, he then pressed down on a pressure point on my armpit so not only did he see the hair but he touched it to. Then he touched the hair on my other armpit too :S

  7. Mary Preston says:

    An amazing product highlight and giveaway thank you.

    Bridesmaid dress shopping with a cousin. It was bad enough that she wanted to go all frou-frou. Being a hairy beast didn’t make the situation any less mortifying that’s for sure.

  8. To surprise us ,Hubby took me to the beach with kids …i was not ready for the beach with hairy legs and armpits full of hair – felt so bad as i could enjoy with kids in water.

  9. I have actually never seen this product before and as the Mum of four daughters – this would sure get a workout in our house! Great review. Naomi x

  10. I am really interested to hear how you go with this over the next few weeks/month.
    I have two teenage daughters and between the three of us I have been thinking it might be a worthwhile investment.

  11. Ok so in all seriousness. Can I be you when I’m your age? I truely inspire to be a mom, wife, lover of life and fashion lielke you. I am only 26 and a mother to a baby and yet I love how your blog and insta inspire me to be the best. Thanks for being you. I hope I win this sucker lol twitter: @sweetnatrocks

  12. When my husband and I first got together I was being good and taking things slow. So slow that I figured I could lapse on the hair removal being winter and all. Needless to say it was hard to tell us apart.

  13. Grooming is on the top of my list as an encounter whilst at the beach with a group of friends made that a priority. We came across a lady who stopped and chatted with us and whilst she was very friendly she obviously did not find grooming her bikini line an issue and it was difficult to concentrate on her face! We now always refer to her as the lady with the beard …..

  14. This little machine could do wonders for my love life. I thought I shaved regularly, until my husband recently very excitedly exclaimed ‘you shaved your legs!’.

  15. I still recall a friend and I getting ready to go out dates and being in such a rush we both forgot to shave. We had had a few drinks before hand and someone had the bright idea of waxing out legs. Unfortunately I had way to much to drink and I ended up on a date with a patch of hair missing from my legs. I’m glad my friend and I went home alone that night HAHAHA

  16. Kahla Gleeson says:

    I have always had problems with ingrown hairs on my legs, they get infected & my legs end up looking yucky! My legs are finally startling to look better (after 15 years of yuckiness!!).. I am nearly 40 & basically gave up on them & trying to make them better to show off.. I have finally got the confidence back now to start wearing short dresses, but I have to use hair removal cream all the time, as shaving irritates my legs (not to mention the horrid bikini linešŸ˜) If this product works like you say, I think it would be perfect for my unwanted hair!

  17. Going into labour early – was not quite prepared or de haired!

  18. Terri Todd says:

    Going to the beach at the last minute and having to pull my legs up on my pants so they didn’t get wet then realising I hadn’t shaved my legs

  19. The first time my mother in law saw me about to hit the pool, and her constant inferring I was related to a Gorilla for all my ‘fur’ as she so delicately put it.

  20. Yes most definitely, visiting friends on a very hot day not intending to go in their pool, and everyone else decided to strip down to their underwear (or nothing at all) for a hilarious quick dip. I didn’t dare with the forest growing wild, and safely hidden from the world.

  21. Went to a low key dinner only to be caught out – it was a special birthday night at a ritzy restaurant

  22. I have never needed to shave my legs, but when it comes to my armpits and bikini line, its epic! and I constantly forget to shave, i’m hoping the Philips IPL remover will save me from further embarrassment.

  23. karina lee says:

    When I went into labour, a full grown bush and lots of young interns in the room!

  24. Sitting at a very large family gathering when my kids were young and hadn’t learnt the act of discretion. And they where sitting with a childless young niece (who has lots of free time) and I hear loudly from across the room “Your legs are nice and smooth not like mummies, hers are really prickly”.

  25. It was winter time so naturally I was going ‘all natural’, didn’t expect to break my leg and definitely expect the doctor inspecting it to be so cute! Poor 17 year old me was mortified šŸ˜€

  26. Jessica Maloney says:

    As a roller derby girl, having spikey hairy legs may stop the opponent from wanting to hit me, but doesn’t look so good wearing the team uniform hot pants!

  27. ashlee ford says:

    On my way to the doctors just for a regul;ar checkup. Not thinking to do the normal shave for a consultation. Ended up having to have a pap smear!!!! so embarrassed with what would have been a forest, unkept at that:(

  28. As I screamed at my husband for all the pain he’d caused, the doctor watching closely, took a second look and paused…
    “I see there’s lots of hair” he said.
    I was mortified till I realised he didn’t mean me! He’d referred to my baby instead!

  29. Some people have a reoccurring dream about being naked in public. Well, my reoccurring dream is being put in a situation where I’m at the beach or pool unexpectedly and need to get in my swimmers and I haven’t done any hair removal. I always wake up thinking I’d better shave to be prepared for anything the day might throw at me. I would sleep better if I had a more permanent hair removal solution!

  30. lisa conolley says:

    In Winter I am known as gorillas in the mist :) Now its spring I want to be free of this hairy overcoat !!

    • lisa conolley says:

      I had a blind date once, in the back of my mind thinking I dont need to shave, probably another loser. OMG!! He was gorgeous, and not trimmed ready, lost my chance!!

  31. It would be awesome to win this. No more buying shavers!!!!

  32. Stacey Shailer says:

    On a day off I ducked quickly into town to grab some milk from the supermarket, and I didn’t bother to change from shorts into long pants to cover my legs, which badly needed a ‘mow’ lol. As happens on the days you look like a slob, I happened to run into the guy I had a huge crush on!!! I must have made a good impression though, as I’m now married to him 13 years later :)

  33. Eva Kiraly says:

    There’s been lots of times where I should have groomed before heading out and it’s always when your not prepared that you bump into someone you know!

  34. My first time going for a Brazilian, when the waxer was done she says to me with her Asian accent , “I usually only have to use 2 strip, you, I use 5”. I had such a complex after that. Needless to say I’ve never returned for a wax since.

  35. Jennifer B. says:

    I met Robbie Williams last week. I just wish I had done the chin wax beforehand…

  36. Maria Stringer says:

    My brothers mate who I have a crush on, popped in for a impromptu visit and swim, I was already at the pool, hairy legs and bikini wax overdue…. Embarrassing!!!

  37. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    I work at a Supermarket, and one day I was up on the ladder inside the shop pulling down Grocery items to go on the shelves, and chatting to customers. I froze when I realised I hadn’t shaved my legs, i was wearing a skirt, and that everybody could see me my gorilla legs. I had nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and I still had six hours of work left!

  38. Oh dear there have been more than a few times. Scrambling out of bed after sleeping in on my day off after forgetting I had booked a smear (on my day off!? What was I thinking!?), to going swimming at a friends place, ensuring kids and husband had everything they needed… all the while forgetting one crucial step I should have taken. The water clung to my legs/hairs when I got out making it all the more obvious! Those rare days I wear a skirt to work instead of pants, forgetting that pants are my safe place, keeping me safe and from scaring the juniors at work no matter how forgetful and busy I’ve been!

  39. Natalie Stoute says:

    I’ll never forget the time (many years ago) I went to the marina for a lunch date with a guy I quite fancied. It ended up being a scorcher of a day and he insisted on buying me a pair of bathers and going for a dip. I knew I was a bit overgrown down there and under the arms. Torn between disappointing him or embarrassing myself I chose the latter. Thankfully he was respectful enough not to say anything. He did a few months later though and we laughed about it. Now we are married for 10 years with 3 kids!

  40. Rebekah Ballingall says:

    Before your C-Section. All those doctors and nurses and then once the scar is there, its harder to wax or shave without cutting