Recovery OOfos thongs! PLUS a giveaway RRP $59.95!!

Now that I’m back on the exercising bandwagon, one of the things I am aware of is how much my feet suffer. Especially after a long (or short) run. I don’t know if it’s my age or my feet but I don’t want that to be the thing that stops me from doing what I want to do.

Recently my friends from Sutton Street Shoes brought the OOfos thongs to my attention. I will admit that they are not the prettiest thongs but I was prepared to give them a whirl.


Recovery OOfos thongs!

The OOfos Thongs (or slides or clogs) disperses your body’s impact to the side of the shoe, instead of coming up back through your body. They were originally intended as Recovery Footwear (especially for Runners) but are now for people suffering from various foot and general health conditions (like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, Bunions, Knee and Back problems). You can read more about OOfos thongs here!

The lovely people at Sutton Street Shoes have offered to giveaway a pair to one lucky reader. They are valued at $59.95 and come in a range of colours and sizes. These are for Men and Women, so feel free to enter for someone else you might think could do with some feet love – not in a foot fetish way :)
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Terms and conditions: Entries open on October 26 at 5am and close on November 6 at 9pm. Sorry, Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The most inventive answer will win and the winner will be emailed and must claim their prize within 48 hours.

Not sponsored but I was given a pair of OOfos thongs to try and review.


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  1. I so need these. Each day I feel it more and more in my feet and legs!

  2. After 13 operations on my knees & ankles (including a total ankle replacement) something that would help me would be unbelievably welcome!!

  3. I have plantar fasciitis and am always on the lookout for new brands I can wear. These are so cool! And I definitely need to upgrade from my old thongs which are a bit tired!

  4. Cheryl Moulton says:

    All of my working career I stood/walked/ran on my feet as a nurse in Geriatrics I was always on the go, now my aging feet need comfort above all else, the OOfos thong is perfect to achieve this

  5. I would be Oofo-ly grateful to aqua-ire a pair of these after years of back and pelvis pain… My increased exercise having gone car-free means my fee and legs are getting more of a workout and the rocking effect would assist in stretching out my legs & glutes after cycling.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    These sound wonderful I have knee problems as well as neck and back problems. They could be just the right thing for walking around my slate floors.thank you Rachel xx

  7. Because regular thongs are absolute killers on my feet. I’m a very active person and I need shoes that support my lifestyle.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    What gravity deying voodoo are you using in the t-shirt dress photo? Nice! 😉

  9. Well done for finding your exercise mojo, I remember when I first starting following you you were quite the runner!

  10. These would be perfect for my Mother who is recovering slowly from a knee operation.

  11. I’ve taken up walking in a big way and in Summer it’d be great to have something like these instead of wearing hot and sweaty runners and socks :-)

  12. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    Hubby doesn’t much fancy massaging my tired feet of a night time. If I could achieve comfort during the day wearing these comfy thongs it would be bliss. I exercise, albeit only twice a week, but have a sore spot on the sole of my foot. Needing padding under my foot just to get through the day otherwise my foot is in agony and I can’t walk on it at all.

  13. Mary Preston says:

    No foot fetish here, but certainly a shoe fetish. The OOfos Thongs would be like a holiday for my feet.

  14. Charlotte L. says:

    They sound amazing! Love to be able to slip on a pair of these. So many times I’ve purchased shoes that hurt my feet!

  15. I’d love a pair so that I can look the part (“why yes, I take brilliant care of my body”) when I walk into my yoga class each week…never mind the glass of red I have at home afterwards…

  16. These look comfy enough to wear everyday, and stylish enough to wear for lots of occasions. I think I could even get away with them at work!

  17. Melissa Jones says:

    It sounds very interesting and it would be fantastic if these thongs could heal my back problem. Really love to give them a go.

  18. Cathy Stone says:

    I have been searching long and hard for the perfect pair of shoes, OOfos Recovery thongs is the missing key, what I NEED to relieve my feet issues. I suffer from a heel spur, ankle, knee issue too, these thongs would be a lifeline and make my feet smile again, giving me much needed support too.

  19. Nicola James says:

    I would love love to try some thongs which offer real support, Summer is here regardless of what the calendar says!

  20. These look perfect for the hot days ahead.

  21. I always have tired, sore feet but love wearing open footwear as they also sweat heaps so the OOfos Recovery thongs would be a true boon to my problems

  22. i am a rep and have to wear closed in shoes for safety. These look like something i could live in when im not at work. and they look good enough to be able to wear around the house and if i need to duck to the shop.

  23. I would love to win a pair of these for my mum. She suffers from horrible pain in her feet, and is a big walker. These would be welcome relief.

  24. KAT ROGERS says:

    Here in the NT we live in our OOfos, weddings, parties , funerals and work. They are the most comfy thongs I have ever owned and mine just broke so I would dearly love a new pair

  25. I work in a toy stor and stand on a concrete floor all day.i have been dying to try a pair of these thongs. I hope I win. Thanks

  26. Marleen Waleson says:

    I would love to try these as I have trouble wearing shoes now after breaking my ankle back in Dec 2012 and developing CRPS…can’t wear any shoes with backs in them at all……these might be just what I need..

  27. Mandy Hill says:

    I so would love to win a pair of these. I have a spur in each foot & find it very hard to find supportive foot wear

  28. Rosemary Harris says:

    My feet now hurt they get so sore,
    I don’t like them any more.
    I stand and walk about all day,
    Without them my ankles would fray!
    I now have problems foot and back,
    I need good shoes, but them I lack.
    With OOfos Recovery Thong,
    I don’t see how I can go wrong.
    Their benefits I can’t dismiss,
    Wearing them will be sheer bliss!

  29. I live in these all Summer, being a Mum of 3, and living in a country town in the South West of WA.. i wear these as soon as I get up, taking the kids to to the shops…500 m down the road… home again while I play tunes and get the housework done…

    I would wear them to death!!

  30. Jocelyn R says:

    I need these shoes to recover from being on my feet all day at childcare. I come home with aching soles and at home I have hard tiled floors.

  31. Woukd love these as have heaps of problems with my feet.

  32. would love to win pair they look great and comfy it will help me walk without pain in my feet thanks for the chance xx

  33. I have had a very annoying spur for more than six months and refuse to have a needle as they hurt so bad. Also on the same leg as the foot i need a knee replacement, but am too young. So you could just imagine the pain i am feeling while walking. Would love a pair if they would help

  34. Cheryl Akexander says:

    I need these thongs. I am a diabetic and have to be very careful with taking of my feet, and I think these will do the trick.

  35. Hmm, I do like the idea of these a lot. I think I’d wear them in my outfit shots and laugh at my feet – then I can perfect your “my feet are so funny” pose! x

  36. Right now my feet are so painful that I would rather just be barefooted, but that is not really acceptable when you leave home, so my search continues. In the meantime I have a collection of near-new shoes which live neatly in my wardrobe because they pinch, hurt, squash, rub, squeeze, and irritate, or are simply very unfriendly to my feet.

  37. Alanna Jane says:

    I inherited my grandmothers feet, not her lovely hair or great figure, but her feet! Bunions and corns! Even my children say I have old ladies feet. So I have the perfect or is that imperfect feet to give these Oofs a real try out. Could call my feet the perfect crash test dummies

  38. I work long hours on my feel every day and these would be great to slip on at the end of a long shift.

  39. Shannen Bielby says:

    Being 38+weeks pregnant, boy could I do with some foot relief! :-)

  40. My feet would definitely love the comfort and support that Recovery OOfos thongs will provide – these days i am training for 10km run and these will be a great motivation…

  41. Mandee Liddle says:

    Summer is coming and a pair of Oofs would be perfect!

  42. With a heel spur problem, I can never walk as long as I used to, this has been frustrating especially whilst on holidays. These OOfos thongs looks so cool and absolutely comfy, hoping these can help!

  43. Kayleen Stevens says:

    My feet so need a treat, comfort is the way to go with a pair of OOfos, thanks so much for the chance 😀

  44. Debra ogilvie says:

    So would love these. My feet need a pamper :)
    Says finished on the 6th October ???

  45. Ohhhhhhhhh my feet are ahhhhhhing just thinking about stepping out in these

  46. Tanya Foster says:

    Plantar Fasciitis sucks and the thought of it ever returning is making my toes curl! A pair of these will make sure I don’t walk like I’ve just messed myself!