The Grand Finale: Second hand Wedding Dress

Today is the final day of Frocktober and the lovely Catherine Rodie from Cup of Tea and a Blog challenge me and my gorgeous friend KimbaLikes  to wear a wedding dress for the final day. Like I would refuse!!

My wedding dress has way too much fabric and I would have melted in a puddle of silk and tulle by the end of the day. I bought this one for $20 from Renu Fashion in Redcliffe. This is a great place for cheap clothes and they have a wonderful exchange/credit program.

Frocktober Day 31: Second hand Wedding Dress

The Dress – $20 at Renu fashion

I actually like this dress. I cut off the sleeves and created gloves. I’m a little like Madonna from the 80s

The Accessories

Red Phoenix Emporium necklace. This was perfect. Kitten D’Amour corset belt. Fishnet tights and Zu booties.

The Rest

Lots of makeup and lazy hair.

Second hand Wedding Dress

Second hand Wedding Dress

I’m taking the challenge and wearing a different frock each day for the month of October to help raise money for Ovarian Cancer research. If you would like to know more about this wonderful charity, you can read about it here.

If you would like to donate money, you can find my ‘Everyday Hero’ Page  here.

Here is a photo of Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes in all her wedding gorgeousness.

Kimba Likes wedding outfit

Kimba Likes wedding outfit



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  1. Jill Eldridge says:

    We’ll done Rach awesome effort u are amazing

  2. Brilliant! Rachel you look like an 80s Madonna Halloween Bride! And Kim-Marie, what a trooper – wearing that on public transport, at McDonald’s and the rest! Well done Team Kimba Likes, you should be very proud of yourselves.

    • Thanks! I’ve gotten a few looks shopping, eat out and at the school but it’s all for a good cause. I’m sure glad I didn’t go all out. I’m not that confident x

  3. Love your take on it! And I hope Kimba spends the whole day dressed like that. Cracker!

  4. I’m gonna miss these posts! Thankfully you share your outfits on the blog anyway!

  5. I love that dress on you Rachel! You and the entire Team Kimba Likes team did an amazing job this month and you + Kim-Marie certainly know how to go out with a bang! xx

  6. Rachel, you looked absolutely fabulous in your Madonna frock – love it!

  7. You look fab and that is saying something as that is not an easy outfit to pull off but you do so with aplomb! Love that belt. Excuse me while I break out into Papa Don’t Preach! x

    • I love Papa Don’t Preach! That was my high school anthem. My father was a Baptist Minister, so in my mind my life was a cross between Papa don’t Preach and Footloose. I might have been a little dramatic back then :)

  8. you are rocking those frocks m’ladies!

    xo em

  9. How have I never heard of Renu Fashion? Thank you! On my list for next weekend’s thrifting…

  10. What a fun way to end a tough month full or frocks! Love your Madonna inspired wedding dress!