Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos

I always feel like I have to know the rules before I can break them. When it comes to outfit photos I have taken hundreds, no thousands of unflattering photos and I will take a million more. But one of the lesson I have learnt is the best angle for outfit photos.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos

Initially, I would take photos on my iPhone in the mirror. I quickly realised this didn’t work for me. It didn’t work because I needed to be close to the mirror to get a clear image, which meant the iPhone was angled down to fit it all in. This meant, short legs, large head.

Camera high and angled down

This is also the case if you have someone taller taking a photo of you. The best solution is get the giant to stand back further and even couch down a little or dig a hole to stand in.

The upside of this angle is, if the photographer comes in closer and focuses on your head and shoulders, it’s a great face angle. One chin, large eyes, smaller shoulders.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos - too high

Camera low and angled up

The next alternative was to engage the help of a kid. After bribery, they are still short. Short means a low camera, angled up, which equals longer, thicker legs and a pin head.

A solution is to bride them to stand on a steady chair while snapping your awesomeness.

The upside to this angle, the kids can get down low, focus on your shoes and take some great shoe shots.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos - too low

Eye Height, aimed straight

This is my favourite angle. I might have short legs and a large head in real life but at least it’s not exaggerated.

Selfie Basics: Best angle for outfit photos - straight

Once you find out the best angles, then you can have fun playing with the other ones.


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  1. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    So true Rachel ,great tips!

  2. Valyn Williams says:

    Great post. I took away some great tips.

  3. all good tips here thanks rach!
    you’ve nailed it! … I’m still having no success with selfies!
    OMG is that me??? … delete!
    I do the mirror thing atm! … will try again! … cheers! m:)X

  4. I’m still using an iPhone in the mirror, it’s def not great so I might have to change that … But I keep giggling to myself about the how the high camera angle gives a big head and short legs hehehe.

  5. Thanks so much for these tips . . . I will be putting them in to practice the next time I snap an #OotD shot . . . can’t wait for the toddler to be old enough to hold a camera steady! :)

  6. Thanks for the tips Rachel. The photos were great examples. I’ll be checking my angles in future”

  7. You shared great tips, and the way you presented the tips is really very attractive..Thanks!