Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin

I’ve been taking more photos of myself in the last year than I have ever before. I’m not comfortable in front of the camera but if you are going to be taking photos and sharing them with the world it’s important to give the appearance of being comfortable.

After spending hours and hours, and editing hundreds of photos to find two acceptable images, I have learnt a few tricks to make myself look better, slimmer, younger, hide the bits I hate and show the bits that I think are sort of okay.

I have decided to share my tips with you in my new series, Selfie tips.

Part 1: How to pose yourself thin

If you are not model slim (and most of us aren’t), then posing straight on to the camera will make you look bigger. Try turning to the side a little or a lot.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Turn side on

Placing a hand on your hip is good and it slims out the arm. It also looks makes you look more approachable. Two hands on the hips doesn’t work as well. I think it makes the hips the focus point, like a frame with arrows saying “Look at my hips”. It also looks like wings and you’re trying to fly away.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - One hand on hip

Your arms are in the perfect position and length to hide larger hips or bums. I must have the hardest working arms on the Peninsula.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Use arm to hide hips

If your camera is too high or too low it will give you odd proportions. But, maybe you like odd propoertions, so play with it to find the angle that works best for you.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Check camera angle

When wearing pants, sometimes it helps to create a gap between your legs. This stops the image from looking too ‘blocky’ and shows that you actually have two legs and aren’t a mermaid.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Create space between legs

Use props. Hats, handbags, sunglasses, cavoodles, a letterbox etc. Use whatever you have and work it. The bigger the prop, the smaller you look.

Selfie tips Part 1: How to pose yourself thin - Use props

Also, good posture, stand tall, shoulders back and down but relax your limbs.

Next week I have received some more fantastic tips from someone that actually knows stuff. I look forward sharing these tips too.

What is your best full length photo tip?


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  1. I’m up for anything that makes me look slimmer without having to sacrifice food. x

  2. Thanks for the tips. I am hopeless at selfies! Share your trepidation about putting my photo online for the world, just experimenting with FB at present.

  3. Thanks for the tips Rachel! Posture is definitely something you must remember if we want to look good in photos. I didn’t think about using props to hide the bits I don’t like, I’ll have to remember it next time someone point the camera at me, haha!

  4. YES on the posture. Even if it’s a group photo, and you’re five inches taller than everyone else. Don’t slouch. Great tips, thanks.

  5. These are some great tips. I agree about putting space between your legs for a slimming effect, I just struggle with the whole pigeon toed look. Love the one about using your arm to slim your hips!!
    I’m not very comfortable putting my pictures out there but realize there’s a learning curve. Fun blog, nice to find you.

  6. What could you do to hide a double chin? Okay, chins? I suppose eating less would help. Or less crap, anyway. Ahem. However I *still* had a slight double chin even when I was quite thin. I hate having a photo taken for that reason. Sigh.

  7. I’ve always done the stand-on-the-side thing and I’m all about the “skinny arm” – but I’m loving the gap between the legs tip and also using props. Some new tricks to add to my arsenal!

  8. I don’t know about it making you look skinnier, but I can tell you that EVERYONE has a “good side”, so figure out which side is yours and make sure that’s the one you’re photographed on! I have made friends re-take photos because I wasn’t on my good side! :)

  9. Thanks for your tips, posing for photos is always a bit daunting particularly if you feel large in life and know you will look larger on camera! Of course knowing some great slimming tips in your dress sense always helps as well.

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Great tips thank you Rachel x

  11. Fabulous tips and thank you for sharing stylish lady.

  12. Cassandra Hodges says:

    I’m sorry Rachel. But are you serious? You are one of the slimmest women I know. You’re are also very attractive! Many women go to desperate lengths to be your size!
    What a superficial, bullshit attempt at gaining more visits.
    Surely there are more important things you could write aboit rather than how to make a slim, healthy body look even slimmer?
    GOMI will have a field day with this one!
    You’ve lost me.

    • Hi Cass, I’m so sorry this post upset you. As someone I know personally, have had in my house and have hosted a baby shower for, losing you upsets me. But many people, even size 12ers like me, don’t mind looking a little better in photos. I wish you and your gorgeous family all the best. Rachel xx

  13. Just shared this for all of those people who are shocking dresses like me! xx

  14. Love this post Rachel. Thank you so much for spending all that time and effort organising the photos. So many mothers hide behind the camera taking all the family photos so in the days of selfies and remote timers, it is lovely to see more mums in photos. Our kids will want to know what we looked like when we were young and gorgeous, instead of old and gorgeous!

    Anything that gives people more confidence is something that I’m definitely happy about!

    Oh and whether we are size 2 or size 22 is absolutely immaterial in relation to how to feel about ourselves. If this post helps one woman feel better about herself and encourages her to be in more photos, then that is just awesome!

    Love your work!

  15. I’m a size 6 but being short and having wide hips means I can still look a little frumpy in photos depending on my pose or angle.

    It doesn’t matter what size we are, we all could use some extra tips to help boost our photo confidence and that’s exactly what you have given us. Thank you for this post Rachel x

  16. I found this post really helpful, because although I am definitely NOT a size 12 I want to look my best in photos. I guess everyone wants that regardless of their size. True beauty comes from within.

  17. workingwomenaus says:

    I’m far from being svelte and avoid the camera like the plague. This post gives me some tips so I can finally get in front of the lens rather than behind it. Thanks Rach!

  18. Love this post and your blog, only discovered you recently but enjoying everything. Great for me as just getting back into caring about my clothes and appearance after slobbing about in post pregnancy gear for the past couple of years. Xx

  19. Thank you so much for these tips! With prom coming up, and my poses not too flattering, I always end up looking wider in pictures, and I definitely don’t want that for prom! :s

  20. Very nice post. I jus stumbled upon your blog annd wanted to say that I
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    be subscribing to your rss fed and I hope you write again soon!

  21. Its like you read myy mind! You appear to know so much about this, likme you wrote the book in it or
    something. I think that you can do with some pics to driive
    the message home a little bit, buut other than that, this is wonderful blog.
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