Selfie Tips What not to do

I am not a super model, or a model of any kind. In fact, I am the opposite. Just a normal girl with an iPhone. This can get you into all sorts of trouble.

Selfie Tips What not to do

1. I know it’s tempting but the next day you will regret it. Don’t let your friends take photos of you either.

2. Check yourself, then look at the camera. Direct eye contact is better in the photo.

3. How many times have you seen this?

4. If we are going to learn anything from Britney Spears, it’s this. It looks terrible.

5. Be selfish and think of yourself. No-one looks good hunching.

6. I am so glad social media wasn’t around when I was younger. I would have been disowned and probably would never have worked in law.

What are your tips?


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  1. excellent tips! especially the ones on checking your background and looking at the camera hole! I prefer to use my back camera because the resolution is better, so like to put a mirror sticker at the back to check that we are in the right position etc.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Rach, seriously, just spurted out my coffee!! Love it.

  3. Great read, good tips. Toilet photo-bombing – hilarious :)

  4. Noice pics……great advice ;O)
    T xx

  5. Bahahaha! Love it!! I’m guilty of the hunching for shorter people one!! Not so much anymore now that my daughter is taller than me but I’ll keep it in mind!!

  6. Excellent advice! Thankfully I never have to hunch for anyone.

  7. You’re so funny Rachel! But these are great tips!

  8. Some very good tips. My background is usually shocking, and I don’t realise till later!

  9. Funny funny funny lady, thanks for the giggle. Esp liked the toilet background and the 2 fingered salute!

  10. Hahaha I love it Rachel! Especially the toilet in the background – so gross! Hmm… selfie tips… never look down at the camera, it’s a terrible angle xx

  11. So funny! X

  12. What? Something is wrong with a loo in the back ground? Ha! Very funny post thanks x

  13. That last one. Glory glory hallelujah. I can’t believe some of the photos people share of themselves!

  14. Head on slight angle, tilt chin down to omit double chins. It’s a keeper!

  15. Hahaha, I’m guilty of #2 and the loo cracked me up :)

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  17. The hunching for less tall people is a great tip for me! Thanks for this post :)

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  19. I love this! Selfie101 at my house was teaching my boyfriend that you should try to avoid toilets or the toilet roll in the photo!