Running Playlist = Serial Podcast Binge

I’ve been awesome with my running this week and managing 10km each day but I’m giving a bucketload of credit to the Serial Podcast. Basically, I run so I can have a Serial Podcast Binge. I will run and listen, then re-listen and continue running. I’ve become completely obsessed with this old murder case.

Running Playlist = Serial Podcast Binge

What is Serial?┬áSarah Koenig hosts the series (she’s amazing), Season 1 is an investigation into a 1999 Baltimore murder of 18yo Hae Min Lee. Her 17yo boyfriend, Adnan Masud Syed was charged with the murder, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Koenig investigates the murder, discuses the evidence and interviews friends, witnesses and specialists. It’s my first taste of podcasts and I need more.

Running Playlist

1. Serial Podcast on repeat.

Are you on the Serial bandwagon yet? What do you think? I’ve finished listening … twice … and my mind changes often but I’ve decided on who I believe … for now …

Have you got any Podcast recommendations to fill the Serial void and help me keep up my running?

Serial Podcast Binge DSC_0018

Running Playlist = Serial Podcast Binge


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  1. Ha! Serial fan here too! I cannot wait for the new season to air – hurry up! But like you, I keep changing my mind. So many ways to look at it really, and after that podcast, there were other articles that highlighted things that weren’t covered in the podcast.

  2. Great colourful running shoes.
    Well done for running 10k per day!
    You should train for a marathon!

  3. 10k per day! You’re unstoppable!

  4. Lately I’ve found myself binge listening to Freakonomics podcasts on long car journeys; keeps me amused and thinking. Philosophy Bites is also good for making you think (if that’s what you want when running?). Also BBC Radio do a massive array and are worth of a look. :-)

  5. omg you & Norlin have enticed me . downloading now for the gym!!