Valentine’s Day: How to wear Soft Pink Makeup over 40

After all the sun, fake tan and bronzer of Summer, I love a little delicate, girly soft pink makeup. It’s such a pretty, youthful look. Yes, even for 40 plusers. It takes at least 3 years off your appearance. Three years!!

How to wear Soft Pink Makeup over 40

The trick is to let your skin be real. We have worked hard for our wrinkles, years of laughing, living and whatever else but, makeup doesn’t always appreciate the hard work and just decides to settle in and highlight them. So, go light on the foundation and concealer but create a nice base. There are a few great tips here.

My favourites pink products for achieving this gorgeous pinkness are:

Benefit Benetint Rose-tinted lip and cheek stain
I refuse to be swayed by the promise of rose-tinting and the delicious rose scent but the stain is a gorgeous colour. This is the colour your cheeks and lips go naturally when you are running across of grassy field in a Summer rain storm and Ryan Gosling is chasing you. It’s so freakin’ delicious, I want to add it to cocktails with rose petals and umbrellas.

L’Oreal Rose Symphony Colour Riche Lip Gloss
This is great when you want to pump up the volume a little. It’s thick opaque, high gloss, colour rich gloss but it’s not sticky or heavy. I swipe and then use my finger to disperse. The result is a natural pink colour with a sheen but if you want more impact, don’t rub it in.

NARS Orgasm
When the Rose-tinting isn’t enough, when Ryan Gosling isn’t there to chase you and you need a little more. This goldy-pink is … orgasmic. The gold isn’t too much for daytime but with just enough shine to make your cheeks look pump and delicious.

OPI Japanese Rose Garden
The prettiest pink nail polish. For when you need to point to the pink Champagne you’re ordering


  • First prepare a gorgeous base with primer, your favourite foundation and some simple contouring & highlighting
  • I tend to avoid pink eyeshadow when I am going for a pink look. I find that it’s too much pink and I feel like I look like a pink cupcake. I love a clean eye, soft brown eyeshadow with a little eyeliner and mascara
  • I avoid anything with sparkles or glitter, except for a little in the blush. I think it’s ageing around the eyes. BUT I do have times when I break this rule but that’s another post
  • Fill in the brows. Full brows are youthful. Think Demi Moore not John Howard
  • Layer your different blushes and lipsticks. This will help create depth and help it to stay in place longer.

If you’re looking for some tips to keep your makeup in place all night, you must check out this post.


Valentine's Day: How to wear Soft Pink Makeup over 40



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  1. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You look gorgeous Rachel Xx

  2. Love it!! Just goes to show that women in their 40s or nearing (very very close) that age CAN wear pink and look chic!

  3. I adore pink and love this makeup look on you. Super pretty. x

  4. radiant Rachel! very pretty in pink! …
    I’m trying it! … I don’t like too much makeup, as I find it settles into creases! … highlighting instead of camouflaging! … I want anything that helps! … love m:)X


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