Things to take on a School Excursion

I’m off on an all day school excursion today. Every time I remember I bellow “NNNNooooooooo”.  I really don’t like school excursions. I never learn a thing!

The only upside, I get to hang with one of the coolest kids I know for a few hours and have some one-on-one time. I’ll just have to ignore the other 20 kids hanging off me. For some reasons kids love me, there is no good reason for it. I think they love the indifference that wafts off me.

Any woo, here the things to take on a School Excursion…

Things to take on a School Excursion

Things to take on a School Excursion – The outfit

Please note, you need to have to hands free to grab wayward children. If you can find a cute bum bag, that will work too but they are nearly impossible to find.

Things to take on a School Excursion to put inside your bag….

things to take on a school excursion

Things to take on a school excursion – In the bag

Please note there is no Vodka. This isn’t appropriate for this occasion as much as you might want it. I also packed mints, but forgot to include them in the photo.

What have I forgotten?

How do you feel about school excusions?


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  1. Think you summed up pretty well. I always forget to take sunglasses and always regret it later when my eyeballs are burning. And I have a habit of forgetting my hat too… not a good example as the teacher :/

  2. I like excursions, so long as I’m not the teacher or parent volunteer – i.e. not involved beyond paying money and waving goodbye.

    You forgot panadol. I don’t think I’ve been on an excursion where at least one teacher didn’t reach for the headache pills!

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I used to hate them I hope you get your favourite child to hang with in your group the teachers for some stupid reason like to not give you your child :( I hope you survive Rachel x

  4. You are like the coolest mum ever. I’d be hopeless on excursion if I had kids. I’d just be searching for the nearest bar.

  5. Yeah I used to hate them too. I used to tell my kids I must REALLY love them if I am willing to go on excursions with their class! Can’t believe those days are now over for me (until I have grandkids I guess …)

  6. So no citrus spray like you would use on a cat to keep them away? Ah, the things you learn :)