Top 5 blogging tools

After one year of blogging I have streamlined and perfected my blogging tools. Here are my top 5 in order of importance:
1. Macbook Pro. I can blog from the comfort of my own bed and it can travel with me to the comfort of a hotel bed. Can it get any better than that?
2. iPhone 5. I take most of my blog photos on this baby. This is also a must for communicating on the go. I can read blogs, tweet, Instagram. It’s not my preferred method of commenting but it’s better than not leaving any comments. Commenting has been made easier with the NuffnangX Application.
3. Nikon with tripod and remote. This takes gorgeous photos and is great for taking outfit selfies.
4. I was torn about whether to include my iPad. I have been using this with an external microphone for vlogging. I plan on using my Macbook for my next vlog. I don’t use the iPad for blogging unless it’s an emergency and to be honest, there aren’t many blogging emergencies.

5. I realised I only have 4 and I didn’t need a fifth (thank you angstar21)

What would you include in your top blogging tools?


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  1. I am seriously considering getting a Macbook Pro, my only worry is that because I take a lot of photos and do a lot of image processing, I need something with grunt in the memory department. Do you think it would suit my needs or would you recommend something else? I’ve always been a PC girl but since getting my iPad and iPhone it makes sense to make the total switch.

    I agree with everything on this list, and while I too don’t use my iPad for a lot of blog writing I do use it for a lot of blog reading and commenting, especially blogger blogs as my iPhone has stopped allowing me to comment on them, its super annoying! And I am going to request a remote for my DSLR for Christmas this year. And possibly an Olloclip for my iPhone.

  2. I am with you Rachel, I bought an iPad because I thought I’d use it more for blogging, but I hardly ever do. I now find that I use it more for reading blogs!

  3. I just ordered my very own macbook pro.. can’t wait for it to arrive! I have issues trying to use illustrator and photoshop on my current laptop so this will be a very welcome arrival

  4. My daughter. Most of my blogging content comes from the cute, adorable, strange or frustrating things she does every day!

  5. I am so not techy or speccy with what I use, but…my iPhone (good for using the WordPress app to monitor comments, Twitter of course and Facebook Pages) and my HP laptop for creating posts and using MailChimp to do our enewsletter.

  6. Since I converted to an iPhone I am apple all the way. I long to be able to snuggle in bed with an ipad and read blogs, and the next laptop is definitly going to be a Mac.
    I’ve broken up with Nokia and HP.

  7. I have wanted a Macbook for so long, but I think I am actually leaning towards the new toshiba ultralight. I have been trialling one and it is fantastic for blogging, photos, design and writing. Decisions, decisions.

  8. God I wish I had a laptop. I fight my husband for time at the desk computer (technical term). I use my phone a bit but I hate it. I have an HTC phone and loathe and despise it.

  9. Oh yes, my iBabies are my big tools and I actually do use the iPad a bit for blog stuff as the WordPress app means I can do some stuff on the fly. The Macbook Pro has been a dream addition though and I’d hate to go back to a life without it. I’d also be lost without PicMonkey – so easy, so quick! x

  10. What happened to item #3? It it missing or is it my iphone 5 not playing?

  11. I was prepared to blame the phone! We mums need to stick together =) Love your blog btw!! xx

  12. I only have a laptop – but I love it with a passion! Lug it with me everywhere!

  13. Oh, I feel so sad that I don’t have any of these thing! *cry* I’m a pc user and android user, so I have my lap top and my Samsung Galaxy SII, both of which I ADORE. I have a simple point and shoot camera, which I couldn’t live without, but also use my phone camera A LOT. It’s amazing how good a photo can turn out with a bit of Instagram and PicMonkey love :) I don’t have an ipad, or any kind of tablet, but I’d love to get one. Hello Santa! I’ve been good! LOL

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