Daily Style: Wear a Maxi Skirt as a Dress

Today is HOT in Brisbane. It’s going to hit 36 degrees. I was hunting through my wardrobe looking for a light, strapless dress. Can you believe I don’t own one! It didn’t matter how many times I looked, I couldn’t make one magically appear.

What I do have is a lovely, long, cotton Border Print Maxi skirt from Bohemian Traders.

Daily Style: Wear a Maxi Skirt as a Dress

I pulled it on and just kept pulling it all the way up to my armpits. I thought about a belt and then tossed it. It’s too hot to be restrained like that.

I have plenty of great shoes that would have worked beautifully, but I’m a Queenslander and it’s definitely thong weather.

This dress/skirt would have looked seriously hot with a tan waist belt and strutting wedges but I’m dressing down the hot with a denim vest (you must own at least one) and a chambray shirt around the waist.

Daily Style: Wear a Maxi Skirt as a Dress

I’ve never been big on colourful statement necklaces. I love the simplicity of a delicate chain, or a small pendant. Today, I’m wearing my “Rachel” Banner necklaces from Uberkate. I haven’t taken this off for weeks. Now I’m desperate for an Expression Cuff with words from my late father *sniff*. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his passing. It’s been 16 years but it feels so fresh.

"Rachel" Banner Necklaces from Uberkate

Would you wear a Maxi skirt as a dress?

FYI: this is the skirt, worn as a skirt :)

Daily Style: Wear a Maxi Skirt


Not sponsored. Just sharing items I wear and love. 


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  1. I just love that skirt. I just noticed Emily from Beetle Shack wearing it and then you. I am contemplating it but not sure how it would suit me. I just love how you have styled the gorgeous skirt two ways. V x

  2. What a great idea – you are really inspiring me to re-work some of the items in my wardrobe. Was a scorcher in the Hunter Valley yesterday too (38 or so), but so far today hasn’t been quite as bad thankfully. Hope tomorrow is ok.

  3. Yes yes yes!! I love doing this :) I have also been known to wear a short tube-skirt as a strapless top with jeans!

  4. I swear woman, you could wear a potato sack and make it rock! Love this. Thanks for the inspiration

  5. I love it as a dress. Actually I think like it better as a dress.

  6. Totally cool!

  7. woman after my own heart hun! … you look great!
    yes have been doing this forever especially when it’s that hot!
    for me, mainly at home or to the beach! … cooool man! <3 it! m:)X

  8. I now *need* a denim vest. I read your post yesterday, today I walked into work and my uber stylish colleague was wearing one. Cue jealousy. Suggestions for where to find a budget-friendly one would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  9. I just got my Uberkatecircles Russian Necklace in the mail – it is DIVINE! Great idea re: skirt/dress! x