White Tee shirt and Jeans. Part 2

Last week I talked about my love of white tee shirts and jeans. I admit that I dress very casually and for comfort. I live in white tee shirts and I must buy a new white Bonds tee shirt every second month. Plus, I wear jeans most days. Today I dumped my beloved boyfriends for a my ‘dressy’ jeans – A pair of dark, fitted denim JAG jeans.

White Tee shirt and Jeans. Part 2

I’m wearing a Peasant Plaid Shirt from Bohemian Traders. It was a chilly 19 degrees in Brisbane when I was doing the school run, so I grabbed my Clementine Vest.

I left the length of my jeans longer, so I could wear stomping heels and elongate my legs. They appreciate any extra centimetre I can give them.

White Tee shirt and Jeans Mix prints and textures High heels & long jeans elongate legs




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  1. Gorgeous outfit Rachel and what a beautiful smile you have. Have a great day. x

  2. You are a stunner. Love this combo. I hope when i do the school run that I am as stylish as you. x

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You look lovely Rachel!

  4. Hello there gorgeous!

  5. I thought of you today as I put on heeled boots, a nice shirt and had a client meeting. My daughter nearly fell off the couch and told me how awesome I looked and that I should wear this more often, “these clothes are much nicer than your other ones” – bless

  6. Such a spunk. Love this outfit on you!

  7. I love the classic white t-shirt and jeans combination. It’s the perfect casual / smart casual outfit because you can wear it with just about everything else in your wardrobe. I am always on the look out for inexpensive white t-shirts because I go through them so fast.

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    White Tee shirt and Jeans. Part 2 – Redcliffe Style

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