Who is Rachel Wernicke?

Who is Rachel Wernicke? A Brisbane based, 40+, married mum of two girls. I’m working full-time in a legal office while pushing the boundaries of office wear by mixing my casual, ‘tough-pretty’ style into it.

I love beauty and makeup but I am busy (mixed with a little lazy), so just pass me some gorgeous products, give me 5 minutes, then a spritz of perfume and I’m done.

I strongly believe style is where you find it. It doesn’t have to cost thousands, it just has to make you feel a million bucks. My budget is limited, so I look for pieces I love and I can wear over and over. I don’t mind investing in items if I know I’m going to get great cost-per-wear but I also love finding a fabulous bargain. I can not buy fleeting, one-wear items … ever!

I realise I have a mild case of BRF (Bitchy Resting Face), this makes me look like a bitch but works well in photos. At last I have found it useful for something.

Make me laugh and I’ll follow you anywhere. Or make me a drink, this will work too … actually this might work better.

Rachel xx



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