What I wore: Beach Wedding Wear

I had a wedding on the weekend and this was a tough occasion to work out what to wear. Beach wedding wear should be easy. Why did I struggle?

  • It was a beach wedding at 11am
  • Followed with a picnic
  • (racing off to watch my 12yo at netball at 12.30pm)
  • A reception starting at 3pm at a very nice venue
  • Sitting for dinner
  • Followed by 80s dancing

This screams at least 3 outfit or shoe changes for me, but I decided to stick with one, but only because I was so lazy busy.

What I wore: Beach Wedding Wear

Funnily enough, the reception was across the road from my usual #carparkchic spot. So no gorgeous beachy, boho shots from me. It’s still all grungy, smelly carparks for me.

This stunning dress is Spell & the Gypsy Collective from Revolve. This dress is so lovely and subtly sexy, I’d have a wardrobe full if I could wear them to work. I think this dress was more stunning in person and moves so beautifully.

I wore tan accessories to make it more casual for the beach, picnic and netball but the heels dressed it up enough for a nice dinner & dancing.

What I wore: Beach Wedding Wear

 Beach Wedding Wear


What would be your perfect Beach Wedding outfit?


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  1. This is perfect for a beach wedding. Flowy and floral! Wish I had a wardrobe full of spell. Love love their stuff! X

  2. Divine as always lovely x