Bargain Work Christmas Party outfits & a Fashionista Depot $100 gift card giveaway!!

Friday is my husband’s work Christmas party. I spend a bit of time in the office, so it’s my Christmas party too. I have been playing online at Fashionista Depot, looking for a fun and appropriate work Christmas party outfit. There is nothing I love more than finding a gorgeous bargain and showing it off. NOTHING!!


Work Christmas Party outfits


Can you believe this red Studibaker dress is only $30! It was $480. I wore Studibaker to my school formal. I worked long, long hours at Chicken World in Kenmore to pay it off and I thought it was amazing. I wrote about the night and have a photo of me in my amazing formal dress here.

Glam - Work Christmas Party outfit


I have been eyeing off this Amorette frock for a while. It’s down to $70 from $198. It’s girly and sexy at the same time. This would be so lovely and flattering and so beautiful on a warm Summer evening. The wind playing with your hair, tickling the hem while you throw back Champagne and loud too loudly. Perfection!

Girly frock - Work Christmas Party outfit


I think this Firefly jumpsuit is so cute. I’m all about the jumpsuit at the moment. This one is even in Christmas colours. Could it be anymore perfect!!

Casual - Work Christmas Party outfit

So after all that, did I decide on a work Christmas party outfit?

Well, I’ll show you Friday.

In the mean time, We have a $100 Fashionista Depot gift card to giveaway so you can buy your own gorgeous Christmas outfit!!

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  1. I have two down and two to go in Christmas parties…another this Friday too. I’m actually out of ideas as to what to wear so I think it will be whatever is clean on Friday morning haha.

  2. I would buy the Amorette Arizona Peplum Sequin Tank, and the Anizoe “LEXI” Crossbody Bag, the Firefly White/Black Embroidered Kaftan and the Little Miss Firefly Hot Pink/Light Pink Kaftan. Bargain!! :-)

  3. Can’t wait to see what you wear! I’ve got 2 Christmas parties as well – my husband’s work dinner and my work lunch. Both very low key, casual affairs. I’m thinking a frock to Chris’ do and printed pants and a bright tank to mine. With healthy doses of bling for both occasions.

  4. If I won the voucher, I would be finding the perfect dress to wear to my baby daughter’s Naming Day – such a special day deserves a fantastic dress!

  5. Shannen Bielby says:

    Having recently had a wee-bubs, I’d love a new outfit to break the “Mummy-Uniform” circle! :-)

  6. I bought my Christmas party dress for $50 ftom a FB group erllong second hand clothes :) andcsold my old maternity clothes on ebay to pay for it!

  7. I could have just “spent” that $100 gift voucher on three firefly dresses, a firefly top, a purple ginger coat,…. Oh so many pretty things!

  8. I only get one chance each year and this year is casual. Love ALL the outfits you have put together Rachel and the pricetags are amazing!! Love Fashionista Depot! I could see myself in all of them. We are barefoot bowling, can you believe it? So I have gone with chambray harem pants, gorgeous bright top and am debating heels or flats atm.

  9. Gorgeous outfits – love the Studibaker dress. I wore one to a university ball. Think I still have it somewhere. Can’t see myself wearing it in the paddock very much!

  10. I’m loving the Jumpsuit pictured above and even better in Christmas colours

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I love Fashionista Depot it is a GREAT place to shop,lots of goodies at the moment have caught my eye!

  12. You’ll look stunning whatever you wear, I’d go red but that’s just me, it’s my fav colour! Have a great night lovely and can’t wait to see pics xx

  13. Had two Christmas parties on the weekend, wore a maxi to each with sparkly blingifull (totes a word) earrings!

  14. If i am lucky enough to win $100 voucher then i will be able to buy 9 out of 10 designs from their jumpsuit collection – i am so excieted about the bargain i will get with the current sale price. This will be really the best christmas ever for me & for my growing jumpsuit collection ……..

  15. Sam Best-Lawson says:

    Firefly anything- all look so perfect for a Queensland summer

  16. Melissa Jones says:

    They have plenty of gorgeous dresses only $10, including some for little girls. I would use the voucher to stock some dresses for summer.

  17. Ariel Richardson says:

    I’d love a floral playsuit to frolik in this summer.

  18. A jumpsuit for sure, they’re so playful and fun, looking amazing on.

  19. Amorette Thelma Flounce Dress
    Firefly Long Bow Dress White
    Firefly Tuli Silk Dress Taupe….so many beautiful dresses, one of each would be nice!

  20. Narelle Rock says:

    I am looking at returning to the workforce next year after 8yrs at home, so will be needing some nice outfits for job interviews!

  21. Ahhhhh no work party for me. Self employment does that for you! Love your choices

  22. I love the look of some of those Firefly dresses and the Peter Lang accessories, oh and that sequin skirt too! Lots of lovely pretties!

  23. It would be the best Christmas present for my sister so she could have some nice new clothes for her dance break up.

  24. Lydia C. Lee says:

    I like those earrings and the bauble necklace with the girlie frock (the earrings are perfect for our Gatsby party…)

  25. I would buy a nice, colourful summer dress!

  26. I would buy the perfect dress for my Hens day!

  27. Lucy Michaela says:

    Love to win this!

  28. I’d buy a new dress for New Year’s Eve, to start 2014 in style!

  29. I would love to use this $100 for a gorgeous New Years Eve outfit! 2014 is going to be an amazing year! Would love to kick it off in style! :)

  30. sam greenwald says:

    id buy new clothes

  31. Karyn Liddell says:

    It’s amazing how a new outfit can make you feel so good.

  32. Jennifer Robertson says:

    I would love a new pair of shoes to give me and my confodence a boost.

  33. Michelle Gray says:

    I love the Studibaker Pompeii Beaded Gown Mint, beautifully dressy for Christmas but flowing to hide the food over-indulgences!

  34. Jennifer B. says:

    That $100 will be gone in a snatch!… Peter Lang Silver plated Spike Necklace and some earrings to match!

  35. Julia Mason says:

    I would buy Amorette Thelma Flounce Dress and a wicked pair of heels, this would be my Xmas outfit perfectly matched !

  36. I would buy that studibaker dress that is hot to trot! And a colourful maxi dress ready for summer time fun. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  37. I’m loving the Natasha Gan Sequin and Beading Ponti Dress for $55! Reduced from $219!!

  38. Alisia Cameron says:

    All I want for Christmas is something that fits my new mummy shape! Last Christmas my baby was two weeks old, this is my first summer as a sexy mama, and I want to flaunt it! But I’m still wearing my daggy old maternity clothes: most days it looks like I’m wearing a muumuu!


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